Glenn + Glenn outfits for weddings and events, matching sets in linen and silk, dresses.

Dress for the Wedding(s)

Weddings are back too! Yay, because of course LOVE never went anywhere. But neither did you for two years, so maybe it's time for something new. Guess what!?! It doesn't have to be a dress! I know, right? Jumpsuits and matching sets are killing it these days.

From top left, Emerson Jumpsuit in Henna; Londyn Dress with Hollis Blazer in Veridian; linen set of Maude Tank and Phoebe Pant in olive; silk set of Avery Skirt and Isla Cami in Mermaid Print; Emerson Jumpsuit in Black Plaid with Shale Eliot Dress in stretch cotton; Black Velvet Cora Dress at bottom left; Londyn Dress in Black Plaid, and the matching set in color Blush featuring Avery Skirt with the Alyster Blouse

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