Glenn + Glenn stretch cotton matching skirt and top set

Game. Set. Matching.

Here's the deal:  matching sets are a brilliant concept and we are hoping they are here to stay. Elongating your figure, buttoning up your style, leveling up your image, dialing in your look... color-matching your tops and bottoms is a wonderful method for looking great, but the benefits continue well beyond. With a couple tried-and-true solid separates, you can pack with ease and have a reliable wardrobe game plan, instant success for finished and polished dressing. The simplicity and efficiency associated with wearing a uniform is not nothing... these are solutions that GIVE YOU MORE TIME!

More brain space, more peace, more enjoyable moments. 

Less stressful mornings getting ready, less deciding, less waffling, less changing in and out of outfits.

We wear the Lotte Skirt and Como Shell through all seasons. This cotton stretch fabric is comfortable, yet structured. We love that these garments stay their shape throughout the day. 

Pairings we love include the Isla Cami in Graphite, Blush or our silk Mermaid Print with all the colors of the Lotte Skirt. You'll also see us in various sweaters and the Alyster Blouse in Blush and silk Mermaid print, as well as the Skye Blouse and the asymmetric Rhys Tank. The Como Shell goes with every piece of denim you ow; lately though, we have been wearing it with all the linen pants -- wide legs and joggers!

Color discussion:  no secret the Glenn Sisters swear by neutrals, but as we evolve daily, our appreciate continues to grow for the family of Citron and Chartreuse. The staying power of these powerful earthy yellows has proven complimentary to skin tones and hair colors across the board.

And finally a note on sustainability. Our philosophy as a brand has always centered around improving the apparel industry, not just adding to it. Most of our garments are created in small batches, by women-owned sew houses in NYC, using high-quality fabrics that will withstand numerous seasons of wear. We've exhausted nearly all of excess scrap pieces of fabric for the Lotte Skirt and Como Shell, making handbags and jewelry.  Feel good wearing our garments knowing that we're doing good things making them. 


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