May... I Please...

May... I Please...

... just have a minute? Phew May... you are a lot. On paper, you're just one big celebration of all things colorful, vibrant and full of gratitude with grandiose hopes for the breeze of Summer.

But in reality, May is overwhelming. In our part of the world, the weather cannot get itself together, shoe decisions are crippling, inevitably someone comes down with a sinus infection, we want to wear dresses but those legs are not ready, and just when we have finally committed to storing the turtlenecks, there's a high of 38 with thundersnow. Peace be with you if any of your children are involved in spring sports or those spectacular productions of dance recitals and choir concerts. Throw in a birthday or two and you are as good as toast.

So... we get you. Highly recommend a solid go-to wardrobe you can swap in and out of. Having recently returned from a long spring break trip, I essentially stuck to the color scheme and simplicity of the outfits that I had packed. 

Here's what we've been wearing, and best of all, these items go seamlessly in to Summer.

May Day. See Eliot Dress, Phoebe Pant, Alyster Blouse.

Cinco De Mayo. See Maude Top, Phoebe Pant, Como Shell, Hunter Blouse and check out @lalospirits.

Derby Day. See Cora Dress, Eliot Dress, Lotte Skirt, Burke Dress, Avery Skirt.

Graduation. Same as Derby, add Emerson Jumpsuit and Londyn Dress. Congrats and bring the Rome Jacket just in case.

Mothers Day. Linen Set for sure, Hunter Blouse, Eliot Dress, Lotte Skirt, Como Shell, Skye Blouse, Hollis Blazer.

End of school events. See Hunter BlouseComo Shell and the Levi's website.

Memorial Day travel. Rome Jacket, Isla Cami, Burke Dress, Avery Skirt. Please go to a relaxing destination!

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