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Checking bags often complicates matters and eats up your precious minutes away when you have little time to spare. Sometimes... we are running. Running to make it because we are doing all the things for all of our people and low and behold, we are running. Thus requiring the carry-on, the weekender, the roller buddy. Traveling a little lighter also makes things easier once you have a system. SYSTEMS SAVE SANITY! So how can you make the most out of minimal packing: mix and match separates with a couple key pieces. Because duh... gotta make room for the shoes.

Start with the matching sets:  linen pants and tank, blazer and cropped pants, cotton tank and mini skirt. Mixing these with one another gives you an endless palette. Add a pair of denim, an easy shift dress, a white button down -- you're golden. 

Shop the sets:  Como Shell & Lotte Skirt on SALE! Hollis Blazer & Livvy Pant, Maude Crop Top & Phoebe Pant are going quick.

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