Details make the difference, and throughout our lives, they are what we notice. From pumpkin decorating to gift wrapping, both of us have been known to get a little out of hand on the details. But when it comes to the garments at Glenn + Glenn, you can rest assured we have been over the sleeve opening, the drape of the neckline, the closure methods... more than a few times.


Quality is where is start and end with choices on fabric, manufacturing, trims and service. We hand-picked fabrics in Italy and fell in love with others from Turkey, Japan and France. Still not fluent in Japanese, in case you were wondering. We purchased an incredible original vintage French painting, promptly misplaced it, and spent A LOT of time recreating it from scratch to make the Mermaid Print. It is, truly, a one-of-a-kind piece!
















Color palette deserves likely more than its own paragraph, but we might lose your attention. We exhausted ALL of our options until our amazing team found a solution to supply our Graphite and Blush colors at quite literally the eleventh hour. We wanted the collection to look great as a whole, so that it could be merchandised together, pieces worn together, and most importantly, make good sustainable sense.

Stubborn perfectionists, said no one ever.