We have learned some things along the way. While not perfect, we continue to strive for efficiency in every facet of our business model to produce the best possible product.

"Sustainable" is a word we use in most of our decisions. Is this is something that will last? Is this something that works? Is this something that will impact the environment positively? What else can we do with excess fabric?

From designing for our target market, to choosing American manufacturers with exemplary standards, to partnering with colleagues who we admire, we are doing our best to make Glenn + Glenn a smart company that does good. This collection was designed with the intent of using fabric efficiently, throughout multiple styles to minimize waste, and offer a consistent collection that functions well on its own or with complimenting pieces. In addition, we chose to include natural and sustainable fibers such as Cupro, Lyocell and Silk.









As a women-owned business, we are working hard to support other women in our industry. In fact - our factories in New York City are owned and operated by women, and many of our partnerships feature ladies at the helm. These initial collections would not exist without the careful attention of Nadiyah Spencer, Bradshaw Consulting Group, and her team of fascinating talent in the sewing department.

Another one of those is Manus Supply, founded by Kheimber Luangphithack, in Denver, Colorado. Their team has assisted us in producing our Skinny Scarves and Palm Clutches, utilizing the excess fabric we were not able to use in production of our garments. Less waste, more cool stuff, everyone wins!